System 6: Three Axis XX'-YY'-Z ,Parker分销商,苏州璟丰机电有限公司

SYSTEM 6 is a three axis version of System Two. HLE Linear Modules provide motion in the X and Y directions while a vertically mounted ET cylinder provides the third axis (Z) of motion. The ET cylinder provides high vertical thrust capacity at moderate speeds. With the Z-axis retracted, this system can transport moderate to heavy loads at high rates of speed over long travel distances.

Gantry Robots offer significant advantages over articulated arm robots for high a speed automation:

larger work envelopes (not restricted by arm length)

overhead mechanics (揻ree up? floorspace)

better suited for multiple machines and conveyor lines

better handling of large or awkward payloads

Parker抯 seven standard system configurations are designed to satisfy the vast majority of gantry robot applications. Standardizing on these configurations, has simplified sizing and selection, shortened lead times, and reduced costs. Utilization of these pre-engineered systems enables the user to redirect sc