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New! Version 3.5

Information Anywhere! InteractX 3.5 leverages your investment in machine level HMIs to make development of Supervisory applications faster and easier.

InteractX 3.5 can connect directly to Interact Xpress screens and data, allowing you to re-use your machine level application elements at the Supervisory level. This can save up to 80% of Supervisory application development time.

Version 3.5 adds the industrys easiest trending ever ?simply point and click and you are logging!

Faster and Easier to Development than any other SCADA package!

Life-like Graphic Capability

ActiveX Third Party Tool Support

Advanced Multi-Language Support

Easy E-Sig tools simplify compliance with FDA Regulations

Recipe Management

including Nested List capability!

Advanced Communications

Includes 60+ communication drivers at no extra charge!

OPC Client Interface

OPC Tag Server